Coming up: course updates and 40% off anniversary sale!

Update 25 August 11.30 CET: all our available coupons have been used: thank you for joining our sale so eagerly! If you didn’t get a chance to use one of our coupons, fear not: we also have a new bundle offer to get the 4 courses with one payment only and a 10% discount!

Have you been thinking about studying with one of our courses?

Well, you’re in luck, because

  1. We are updating our courses with some brilliant new features
  2. We are having a huge sale with 40% off all our courses to celebrate the first year of LanguagEd!
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Course updates

As you know, we routinely review our courses for quality assurance: we want you to have the best learning experience you can have, because we care.

But after a year, we have also decided to review and update our courses, our promotional offers and our pricing, to offer you the best possible value.

Here are all the additional benefits you will get with our courses:

  • Updated content: we have added new links and improved some of the lessons in the courses
  • Expanded discussion boards: we have added discussion boards to Language Teaching Methodology, so you can contribute your work and see other participants’ work
  • Bundle discounts: starting 27 August, you will have access to new bundles, to buy combinations of our courses at a special discounted rate
  • Office hours: confused about something in the course? You can now access office hours with Chiara once every fortnight for free
  • Lesson plan template: if you’re studying for the concorso ordinario, you’ll need to be able to write a lesson plan for the oral exam. We have now added a free, downloadable lesson plan template to all of our courses

Anniversary sale: 40% off all our courses

Are you ready for the big news? LanguagEd is turning 1 year old!

We launched our very first course on 25 August 2020, so now we want to celebrate with a big 2-day sale:

Set yourself an alarm ⏰ as the offer is valid on 25 and 26 August and there are only 50 coupons available: snatch yours up before we run out!

If you want to see our reminder, like our Facebook page or join our newsletter.

P.S.: if you cannot join this sale or we run out of coupons before you can join, do not dispair: you can still get our new bundle for 4 courses with 10% off the total price!

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