Speak Better Teach Better

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If you are a teacher of any foreign language and you would like to improve your English speaking while developing as a teacher, Speak Better Teach Better is the course for you.

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Update 27 January: All courses sold out, so we have added 2 new courses:

  • Monday 7.00-8,15, C1-C2
  • Tuesday 7.30-8.45, C1-C2

As we sold out 7 courses in less than a week, please make sure you reserve your spot early to avoid disappointment. Registrations close on Wednesday, 8 February 2023.

Want to find out more? Read all the information about the programme and its underlying methodology.

Should your course not reach the minimum number of participants, you will be fully reimbursed by 19 February 2023.


Monday 7.00-8.15, C1-C2, Tuesday 7.30-8.45, C1-C2, Monday 5.30-6.45, C1-C2, Monday 7.15-8.30, C1-C2, Tuesday 6.00-7.15, C1-C2, Tuesday, 7.00-8.15, C1-C2, Wednesday 6.00-7.15, B1-B2, Thursday 4.30-5.45, C1-C2, Friday 3.30-4.45, C1-C2