Workshops: Lesson planning for the concorso

Then you know you’ll need to think quickly: once you get your exam rubric, you either have a few minutes (concorso straordinario) or 24 hours (concorso ordinario) to come up with a lesson plan or answers to questions about methodology and activities.

The best way to plan a lesson quickly is to have a clear, simple structure in mind.

To help you with this, we have designed a series of live interactive workshops with Chiara and a webinar with LanguagEd trainers on Zoom.

These took place in March 2023, and the recordings (minus breakout rooms) and slides are all available and affordable!

  • The Webinar was a round table discussion and Q&A with André, Chiara and Rachel about the concorso exam (60 minutes)
  • Workshop 1 covered PPP and TTT (90 minutes)
  • Workshop 2 covered ESA and TBL (90 minutes)
  • Workshop 3 covered assessment (90 minutes)

In each workshop, you will:

  1. learn about lesson frameworks and sample activities
  2. reflect on which one you would like to use
  3. have time to try to design a simple lesson plan based on a concorso task
  4. present your lesson plan orally to your colleagues in breakout rooms
  5. analyse two sample lesson plans given by Chiara
  6. ask clarification questions
  7. learn useful language for your presentation