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Develop as a language teacher and pass your concorso

We are here to help you build your skills as a language teacher. We provide teachers with professional devopment courses based on the latest research and customised to the Italian context. We also help Italian teachers prepare for the concorsi scuola through our self-study preparation courses and personalised consultation service.

All of our work is based on the latest research in language education and second language acquisition. Our team is made of language education experts, with qualifications ranging from the Cambridge DELTA to PhD in Language Education.

Our services

Preparation courses

Our interactive self-study courses help Italian teachers prepare for the concorso AB24, AB25 and BB02 through summaries, videos, PowerPoint presentations, quizzes and sample tasks.

Personal consultations

Our language teaching methodology experts Chiara and Andrew help teachers develop and prepare for the concorso through individual, personalised online sessions


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What people say about us

This concorso preparation is perfect! It goes straight to the point, with many opportunities to deepen some aspects when needed and a tutor who is there to help when needed.
Paola Bortot
I am loving this course. Using it to prepare for the teaching concorso here in Italy but it's just so interesting thanks to all the extra materials, podcasts, articles etc. It's awoken a long-overdue desire to rethink, or at least update, teaching practices. However the concorso goes, I'm so happy to have bought this course!​
Sarah Robinson
The best course I've ever attended! I bought this course to take the concorso straordinario and I found out it covers all the topic I needed in a very interesting way. It's full of resources. I strongly recommend it to all my ELT colleagues.
Paola Mammì
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