Queen Elizabeth II: Lesson Ideas

The longest reigning British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, died last week. I have received a few messages asking for reliable sources to draw on to plan your lessons, so here we go: my list of lesson ideas on Queen Elizabeth II.

It includes articles, videos, photo albums, social media accounts and more!

Lesson Plans

First off, here are three lesson plans on the life of Queen Elizabeth II and monarchy:

The Sapphire and Platinum Jubilees

The Queen died during her 70th year as a monarch, i.e. her Platinum Jubilee. Prior to this, she celebrated 65 years as a monarch, i.e. her Sapphire Jubilee. Here are some Queen Elizabeth II lesson plans on the jubilees:

A life in pictures and words

Have a look at the following resources on which you can base a short lesson going over the Queen’s life via pictures and key remarks from her speeches:

The Royal Family websites and social media

These are perfect sources to do a WebQuest activity where students can find information on their own:

Controversy and colonialism

Although Queen Elizabeth’s death has had huge resonance worldwide, it has not been without controversy: not only has the republican cause in the UK gained traction, but many have been quick to point out how the monarch was a symbol of and an aide to British colonialism, the consequences of which are still felt by many today. Here are some resources you may want to look at if you want to have a Queen Elizabeth-themed lesson on these issues:

  • Republic – website of the Republican movement, with resources on how and why they want the monarchy abolished

I hope you have enjoyed this post and let us know if you use any of these ideas. If you want to find out more about how you can turn these ideas into lessons, have a look at our lesson planning courses!

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