The 10 best websites for free and downloadable lesson plans

Ever found yourself stuck for a lesson plan half an hour before you had to teach (or worse, cover!) a class?

Especially right now that we are so close to the end of the school and academic year, you may be suffering from lesson planning fatigue. Writing a lesson plan can be really tiring – although with our step-by-step guide, you should find it a little easier.

However, if you want to have some new go-to websites for free and downloadable lesson plans, here is our list of our 10 favourite websites:


For a lesson based on audios and videos, you can’t go wrong with ELLLO – find over 3,000 listening activities and lesson plans for your learners at all levels.

2. Lesson Plans Digger

A treasure trove of lesson plans for the teacher that has no time to waste!

3. Racheal Roberts’ ELT Resourceful

Designed and run by ELT materials writer Racheal Roberts, this website contains many interesting lesson plans, all freely accessible.

4. ELTcation

Had you ever thought about how to use Google Assistant in your classroom? Well, ELTcation have got you covered, with this and many other innovative lesson plans.

5. Breaking News English

With everything that’s going on in the world, you may want to touch on some news items sometimes. With this website, you can find interesting news reports, choose your level and even choose the speed of the listening texts!

6. ELT-connect

For worksheets at all levels, A1 to C2, head over to ELT-connect and download their free lesson plans.

7. ELT Concourse

This website doesn’t just offer lesson plans and materials for students, but it is also an excellent resource to develop as a teacher.

And how could we forget 3 oldies but goodies?

8. One Stop English

9. British Council Teaching English

10. ESOL Nexus

We’ll keep updating our list as we come across new websites that are freely accessible.

In the meanwhile, do you have any suggestions for other websites? What are your go-to websites for lesson plans?

Let us know!

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