Tools and apps for your study (even in the summer!)

Am I hearing the sound of holidays starting? ☀️

I’ve just come back from my holidays and I’ve found a few messages from teachers asking the question:

How can I stay on track with my study?

And isn’t this a fair question? After all, we know the concorso is coming up soon, but we also deserve some time off after the year we’ve had.

So, to help you stay on track, in today’s newsletter, I’m going to share a few free tools and apps with you that you can use to plan your study… and stick to the plan.

1. Effective study techniques

Struggling to stay on task? Read our article on 5 research-based study techniques that will make you more productive: organising your study, using the Pomodoro technique, spaced practice, interleaving and active retrieval through quizzing.

2. MyStudyLife app: planning your study

Do you need to make a plan? You can do it with the free MyStudyLife app: sign up, add your tasks and your exams and follow the plan!

3. Cornell notes video: remembering what you study

Are you learning a lot of materials but struggling to retain it all? Fear not, as you can try a new method: Cornell notes. Watch the video to find out more.

4. Evernote app: managing your notes effectively

This is one of my personal favourites: it helped me get through my doctorate in one piece, so I have a lot to be thankful for. You can use the browser or app version to make your notes, organise them, tag them and search them quickly and easily. An absolute life-saver and time-saver!

I really hope some of this is helpful: it certainly isn’t a great time for studying, but I hope that with these apps and tips, plus our guided self-study courses, you’ll be able to do the best you can!

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