Webinar: Round table and Q&A on concorsi, 10 March 5.30-6.30

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Recording and slides: if you haven’t been able to purchase the live ticket to this event or you cannot attend, you can now purchase your access to the video recording and slides of the event via this page. The video and slides will be uploaded by 13 March.

N.B.: if you have already purchased your ticked to this live event, you will be automatically given access to the recording, so you don’t need to purchase your access again.


If you are preparing for your concorso exam, whether it be the ordinario or the straordinario bis, you will need to think on your feet to design a lesson either in 24 hours or in a few minutes.

Come along to this round table webinar with LanguagEd expert trainers Chiara, André and Rachel, who have experience preparing hundreds of teachers for the concorsi.

We will answer questions like:

  • how can you plan a lesson quickly?
  • what are some key topics that are coming up in the concorsi?
  • what are some versatile activities to memorise?
  • what are some simple lesson structures to use?
  • how do you write lesson aims?
  • how do you go about assessment?
  • what lessons have we learned after doing consultations with hundreds of teachers who passed their concorsi?

Finally, we will also answer questions from the audience so we can help you clarify your doubts.

The webinar will be recorded and you will be sent a link to the recording after the event, so even if you cannot attend in person, you will still be able to enjoy it.

If this sounds like it could be useful for you, reserve your spot on the webinar now!

Note: this will be a webinar with interactions in the chatbox but no breakout room activities. For more interactive concorso preparation sessions with breakout rooms, see our Workshop 1 on PPP and TTT, Workshop 2 on ESA and TBL and Workshop 3 on Assessment.